About Our Ranch

Located in the heart of mesquite country and encompassing 18,000 acres of distinctly varied South Texas landscapes, Cinco Ranch had its beginnings years ago—deep in the heart of a little boy. Brian E. O’Brien was born in England to a British oilman father and a native Texan mother. Though Brian enjoyed afternoon tea and his British grandmother’s English cooking, it was during a visit to South Texas that five year-old Brian, captivated by the stark majesty of the landscape and the unique warmth of the South Texas culture, decided he belonged in Texas, and that one day, he would own a ranch.

Hearing Brian tell the story of how he was able to purchase, hold onto, and grow Cinco Ranch is one of life’s pleasures, especially since Brian is more surprised than anyone by his good fortune. Brian purchased his first 660 acres in 1976 to run a feeder calf operation and continued to purchase acreage while building his cattle business and developing the native wildlife for hunting. As a result of Brian’s passion for quality and philosophy that life is to be both respected and thoroughly enjoyed, Cinco Ranch is known today as one of the finest ranches in South Texas, offering exceptional hunting opportunities along with a first-class “traditional” ranch experience- full of, as Brian phrases it, “mesquite mystique”.

  • Beef

    The primary business of Cinco Ranch is the raising of exceptional beef. Currently, the 800 mother cow- cow/calf operations are directed by Jeff Karns with the goal of producing an exceptional final product – a healthy, 600-lb, successfully-weaned feeder animal- through genetic advancement and careful herd selection.

  • Wild Game

    Cinco Ranch offers hunters an exciting hunting experience- the best in quality native white-tail deer, turkey, and quail. Rob Kiebler manages Cinco’s hunting operations, maintaining a tight buck/doe ratio, using selective harvesting, and continuously maintaining adequate feed for all species of wild game to continuously improve the quantity and quality of wild game at Cinco Ranch. We’ll do our best to provide a “lifetime” big deer experience.

  • Recreation

    The unique beauty of the South Texas landscape is one that is best enjoyed first-hand. As Brian observed while still a boy, “you never know what’s going to come out from behind the brush next!” Photography, nature walks, bird watching, fishing, stargazing, and evening campfires are also welcome at Cinco Ranch, and so are you. Come experience South Texas with us.