The primary business of Cinco Ranch is raising and marketing top quality commercial cattle. Through crossbreeding with proper genetic selection and the use of artificial insemination, we are producing cattle that thrive and flourish even in the most extreme conditions South Texas can offer.

The herd consists of eight hundred head of mature cows, half spring calving and half fall calving. Fertility and weight conversion are the focal points. We select genetics that manage and maintain proper body condition scores and produce optimal weaning weights and growth rates in a natural environment. Both herds are worked twice a year and evaluated through stringent selection criteria for performance and structural traits.

We set high standards for every calf crop improving on all aspects demanded by the ever-changing cattle industry. All calves are weaned on a Vac 45 program to assure future buyers the calves have a healthy, productive start in either a breeding program or a feed yard scenario. Inquire at any time about available sale cattle and/or genetics being used.

Jeff Karns – Ranch Manager